The Tenth Annual Tatamagouche Summer Free School: Thursday August 21st - Sunday August 24th

Image: Corazon Ringmaster 
Where: Waldegrave Farm, Tatamagouche, NS
Why: To create a learning environment to challenge ourselves, each other, and the powers that be.
When: Thursday, August 21st - Sunday August 24th, 2014 
Who: you and 99 others
The Freeschool aims to be a radical education space that offers people tools to create a more just, sustainable and joyful world.

From August 21st to August 24th, we will share our accumulated knowledge of matters practical, theoretical and radical. We will also swim, discuss, listen to live music, eat amazing food (much of it grown on the premises) watch movies and hang out with friends old and new.


We want you to Teach!

We want the freeschool to be a space where we can challenge each other in a collective, radical learning environment. If you'd like to share something you're passionate about and interested in, we encourage you to pitch a workshop.

While we encourage workshops on a diversity of topics, the free school organizers strive to ensure that all workshops mesh with our Free School Guiding Statement, and we encourage you to contact us with your workshop idea so we can help you ensure your workshop is great fit with the aims of free school.


We want you to pitch!

The Barn Raiser is a new event this year. Have a project or issue you're passionate about? Come pitch it in 90 seconds to 100 people! We're looking for 10 pitches. Make your pitch, then get brainstorm and idea/action development support from Free School participants! Then, grab a bag full of names and numbers for people who are willing to help you with your project/issue after Free School X is over! Great, hey? Yay, community!


The Best of Free School for Free School X

We are calling to past participants to bring back favourite workshops from the past 10 years. Bring back popular workshops with updated materials. Because good ideas never go out of fashion. 


Get the Word Out

The Free School relies entirely on the participation of those who show up, and publicity is entirely word of mouth.

What it is, is up to us.

See you in August! - Freeschool Organizing Committee