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Ground Rules


  1. Everyone must register and sign a waiver.

  2. Be on time for workshops.

  3. No smoking in or near the buildings.

  4. Keep a family friendly atmosphere.

  5. All houses including the main farmhouse are private spaces and out of bounds. Respect the homes of the Waldegrave residents, they are off limits.

  6. Do not feed or touch the farm animals.

  7. No campfires in the campground.

  8. Be safe.  

  9. Clean up after yourself.

  10. Be respectful of the opinions, ideas and bodies of others.

  11. Be considerate of the needs of others (e.g. quiet in the campground after 11 PM).

  12. Look out for electric fences

  13. Get water from the main farmhouse washing station.

  14. Get the first aid kit from the main farmhouse.