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Photo: Jeremy Murphy

Where do I stay?

All participants are welcome to camp in the field about 500 m past the main farmhouse or make their own alternate arrangements.  The campsite is a mowed hay field with an outhouse (i.e. you’re roughing it). Water and a wash basin can be accessed at the farm site. Most people freshen up by going for a swim at either the beach or the river. There are family tenting sites available close to the farmhouse. 


Where should I park?

Ask at the registration desk.


Will there be activities for kids?

We hope to provide child friendly activities, but parents or caregivers are responsible for the health and safety of their children at all times.


What do I bring?

Please bring a cup, plate, bowl and cutlery. Please bring a tent and sleeping accoutrements. Headlamps and flashlights (it is dark here, people!). Don't bring any non-biodegradable subtances (make-up, soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies... - bring biodegradeable ones!) 


Rides to Freeschool

You can post a request on the Free School facebook page or check out the Maritime Ride share.


How can I help?

Volunteerism is part of Free School! Free School is organized without profit by volunteers and is kindly hosted by Waldegrave Farm. To make this event happen, all participants are expected to help with site preparation, cooking, and/or site cleanup. 


What are the ground rules?

No smoking near the barns. Keep a family friendly atmosphere. Do not feed or touch the farm animals. No campfires. Be safe.  Clean up after yourself. Be respectful of others. Be considerate of the needs of others (e.g. quiet in the campground after 11 PM). Respect the homes of the Waldegrave residents, they are off limits.


What is Waldegrave Farm? 

For more information on the farm, please see this article in the Chronicle Herald.